Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One third at 80%

On a tempo build run day, I would often see:
60m w/ 1/3 @70%HR, then 1/3 @75%HR, then 1/3 @80%HR

Today, I finished the first third of my training. I think it takes a great lot of effort but you still don't push your body to unknown limits. I'm calling it 80%. Tomorrow, I start the second third of training. I will bring it to 90% to finish the last two months at 100%. Building endurance, just like I build speed during my training runs.

This second month was more challenging than I thought. I was tired. Unfortunately (or fortunately?!?) not because of training but because of other things going on in my life. Regardless, I felt significantly stronger than last month: mentally and physically. All my swims, bike rides and runs were much better than January.

An exciting highlight is that I got to ride my bike outside twice... even though this February was one of the snowiest February EVER in the area.

Here are some stats for this month's training:
Weight: Lost an additional 5lbs. Still working, and while I didn't lose the 7 I lost last month, I was aware my weight loss would slow down and I believe I am doing it in a very healthy way.
Swim: I swam 9.25km (or 5.75 miles). I confess I skipped 2 swim workouts on days that I was exhausted. Staying on top of last year's training.
Bike: I rode 236 miles... and I'm just getting stronger. Took beautiful Bella out for my first two outdoor rides. She's amazing.
Run: I ran 70 miles even though I skipped one long run. It was a "long-recovery" run.

I only skipped 3 workouts during the whole month which I think is not bad at all. While I skipped one run, it was a 6-miler... and I got my longer runs (a few 9-milers) taken care of. I feel happy.

Goals for March:
Weight: Continue a steady weight loss with the balanced meal plan that I followed the last six weeks.
Swim: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE. Try to not skip any workouts.
Bike: Do two 70 mile rides outside in preparation to Ironman Oceanside 70.3.
Run: Keep up the good work.

Race goals:
Boulder Spring Half: I am not registered for the official race since it's on the same day as Oceanside, but I have it on my schedule to run the course a week before. My goal is to break the 2h 6m 30s that I ran it in last year... even if it is ONE second.
Ironman Oceanside: Swim in less than 46:15, Bike in less than 3:21:32, and Run in less than 3:04:14. That would be mt PR.

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