Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost sleep... FOUND IT!

Many say that you can never really recover the hours you missed sleeping. You will be tired and probably sleep more later, but that doesn't seem to be enough to catch up for the lack of sleep.

I beg to differ.

Ok, maybe I'm not entirely right... but sure feels like it. I spent 10 nights in a row where I didn't get enough sleep due to a poor decision I made of dog-sitting a dog I don't know well and tends to bark a lot. Clearly, I didn't know her well. After those 10 nights I embarked on my next adventure: a long weekend in Jackson Hole. That didn't involve much sleep either although lots of physical activity.

Ask my man... I was not a happy person. I was EXHAUSTED. As soon as we got back home, I got sick and I have been forced to go to bed early. I've slept for 10hrs straight two nights in a row. Talk about a lack of sleep. Today, I feel great! Still a little congested, but at least I feel energetic again. It's been probably over a week since I've felt energetic... it's been sad!

Anyways, my point being, ok, my brain and body will probably forever remember these nights without enough sleep, but I feel good and a couple good nights will make up for the crappy 2 weeks of sleep. Welcome back to my happy self.

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