About Me

I'm Gaby. Born and raised in Mexico City, I moved to Colorado in the summer of 2007 with nothing but hopes and dreams.

As a full-time Architecture student, I found my sanity in running. I had been taught by my father to run since I was little and I never looked back. I was part of the track team since elementary school but found no joy in short and fast runs, so I always pursued the longest distance available.  After a year of full-time school, a 30hr job and sneaking in gym workouts (read: multiple hours on the treadmill), I decided to drop it all and make the big move to Colorado.

Once here, I became the part-time athlete I always wanted to be. And just like I did when I was little, I started to pursue the longest distance available. At the beginning, that meant running the 10k option instead of the 5k. It eventually turned into a marathon run instead of the half... and today, I run ultras. Comfortable with a 50k distance, I tried the 50-mile race in 2013 and plan to work my way up to 100 miles. That may take years, but I'm ok with that. I'm patient.

The hopes and dreams I had when I moved here in 2007 have been fulfilled beyond belief and every year I dream bigger and continue to become amazed with how easy it is to dream big and how satisfying it is to work hard to accomplish those dreams. Try it, you may surprise yourself.

I have multiple running partners- the crazies like me, and the more conservative ones. The crazies run ultras, the conservative ones have decided to stop at marathons (or even 5k's). Still, they all teach me something new every time we hit the trails. I couldn't do what I do without them.

I have an amazing toddler boy, a husband, and a dog. They also like to run with me, although they sometimes like to do their own thing. Whatever crazy adventure one of them has in mind, the other one follows. They're my boys.

My writing isn't great, but I try my best- just like I do with running. And my blog is nothing but a journal of my thoughts about my own running experiences. Read if you'd like. Share if you'd like. Give me feedback if you'd like.

Happy running.