Thursday, February 9, 2012

Running on empty

Don't we all feel like we are running on empty at times?  Don't we all feel like there's nothing in the world that will motivate us to even get out of bed some days?

We've all dealt with ups and downs in life... Some more than others.  My "downs" come and go... But all in all I am a lucky girl.  I'm sure my bad days would be someone else's luckiest day ever.   Still, these are the days when I feel I'm running on empty. 

During the fall last year I felt like I hit rock bottom.  I was feeling sad and tired all the time.  I started to gain weight and was not feeling motivated to do much.  One day I decided to stop by the bookstore.  Walked around and ended up finding myself wondering way too close to the self-help books.  While I wanted to cheer myself up, nothing looked appealing enough.  I kept walking.

Later on, as always, I found myself in the sports section. "Ah, this feels more like me"  I found a book called "Running on Empty".  An ultramarathoner's story about love, loss and a record-setting run across America.  This sounds right.  I need to read this. 

Due to my lack of motivation, I never really got to it.  It sat on my bookshelf for a few months.  I picked up a few other books which also sat there unread.

Today, as I lay in bed getting ready to sleep, I decided to pick it up.  I do not have the feeling of running on empty, but still looks like a great book with great reviews from well-known people: Aron Ralston, Dean Karnazes, Christopher McDougall, Kara Groucher, Ryan Hall, and others. 

Will post my own review in a few days.  Maybe it'll help keep my momentum going.  Yes... 14 days of working out and counting!

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