Sunday, February 26, 2012

Starting over... again and again!

This was a tough week. I haven't slept for 7 nights in a row and I have not felt this tired in ages. Unfortunately, this isn't a matter of training.

The man-friend and I agreed to take care of a sweet little dog who we love. What we didn't know was that she barks at night... many times, at different times. I've woken up AT LEAST 3 times every night for the past 7 nights with my heart racing when this little girl starts barking as if someone was robbing us. Once my heart is racing, it's hard to go back to sleep right away, so every time I wake up, I'm awake for at least 30mins.

I had to skip my swim on Thursday and as I sit here, exhausted... I am about to skip my Sunday run. It's supposed to be a "long" recovery run. Meaning... not too long: 60mins. I'm torn. When my lack of sleep intervenes with my training then we have a problem. But we do care about this little pup and we are actually trying to work with her for her to be more comfortable and be a good lady. We haven't been very successful... and she's had MANY treats. But she seems smart. She does what we ask, she gets a treat and keeps acting as if she didn't learn ANYTHING.

I'm a little bummed since I REALLY wanted to not skip anymore workouts, but what's a girl to do. I HAVE GOT TO REST.

Tomorrow's a new week... and Emma goes back home on Wednesday night. New week resolution: Go to bed early and stick to the plan.

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