Friday, February 10, 2012

46:28 he says...

On Saturday, the man-friend and I will have our official debut in winter sport races. We are signed up to race the "Vail Uphill" at the Teva Mountain Games.

This "little-fun" race consists of a 2.06 mile trek up Vail mountain for a total elevation gain of 2,475. The man-friend and I have decided to go after this monster on our AT setup and skin up the mountain to be able to ski down afterwards. There's the option of snowshoeing up, skinning up with AT setup or splitboards or just go up with whatever traction device you can put on your feet...

The man-friend emailed me with his goal time. He says it'll take him 46m28s even though he mentions his average "hiking" (yeah, he put hiking with quotes) speed is 1hr per 1,000ft. Doing this at an average (for him) speed would take him roughly 1h15m but he's thinking he can do it in pretty much 2/3's of the time.

Me, on the other hand, wanting to be consistent and steady, am aiming for his average speed of 1h15m. Considering I'm sort of new to the AT world, this seems pretty ambitious but in the end... aren't we RACING??

Full report on Monday- Will we meet our goals??

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