Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to train a dog

Some say it takes 40 days for some simple instructions to become a habit to a dog.  All it takes is consistency and the pup will learn whatever you want them to. 

How about humans?  Is our brain trained to make a habit out of something we do 40 days in a row? 

As far as I'm concerned, getting back in shape after a 2 month "I'm-not-gonna-do-anything-post-marathon-recovery" is hard.  The first few days of Ironman training this year were hard and yes, I skipped a run the first week and skipped two swims 2 weeks ago.  After that second skipped swim I've worked out 13 days in a row.  So, in theory, I'm only 27 days away from making swimming, biking and running a habit. 

I grew up an athlete.  I did track a few years in elementary, middle and high school, swam when young, was always a runner and played tennis a few years.  That's apart from basketball and soccer that I played in school too.  But, was this a lifestyle?  I was never really on a schedule... I just did it for fun. 

Today, I find myself training for an Ironman.  Where skipping a workout means a lot.  Running, swimming and biking has become part of my daily routine... And I like it, but I still struggle to get myself to the gym or just simply out the door after work.  Maybe in 27 days it will be less of a hassle and it will just be like having breakfast, like brushing my teeth... A habit.

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