Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I should blame Valentine's Day... But I was not going to be dieting during my dinner date with the man-friend. I ate bigger portions than I have been doing in the past few weeks. I went "all out" with the dairy and in my head, I was the luckiest girl in the world so I should be allowed to eat whatever I want.

This morning I went back to sticking to my meal plan. Well... almost. Until my amazing co-workers (no sarcasm here) brought some V-day candy into the office. Yuu-mmmyy!

Milk chocolate. The simplest thing but OH GOD! The most delicious and vicious drug out there! I'm seriously fighting my brain right now. "No, you don't need the chocolate... you are NOT hungry!"

I wonder at times why my body demands random stuff while I train for Ironman. I truly believe it's the cycling part of it that makes me SO HUNGRY. Last year my cravings were out of control. This year it's been mostly just coke... I ALWAYS want to drink a big coke with lots of ice. Until today. I am adding milk chocolate to the list. And it's only February!!

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