Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunny with a high of 37 degrees!

Saturday's forecast called for "plentiful sunshine" and a high of 45 degrees. They were ALMOST right. The high barely reached 37 degrees but it was nice and sunny outside.

Given the forecast, I decided to invite a few friends for a little bike ride. Aiming for a 30-40 mile ride, we decided to go up to Lyons and back to Boulder through Hygiene. Took "Bella" out for the first time... She is THE BEST! I will love her forever.

The guys as usual decided to push it a little at times, but I kept my comfortable pace for most time although it's hard not to go fast when on "aero" with Bella... she just asks for speed. I had some nice stretches. My average speed was 17.0 mph. If I were able to maintain that for longer distances I could potentially finish my Ironman ride in a little over 6.5hrs. That would be one hour faster than last year... Today, I can only dream, but I still have 4.5 months of training so maybe. I'll do my best. :)

Today, I ran a little over 9 miles. My legs felt a little tired at first but it was just a matter of warming up for them to respond and go all the way. I felt great (but trashed... if you know what I mean) after the run and now, I'm ready for bed! A new and busy week awaits.

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