Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Typical Colorado

Whoever lives in Colorado knows that the weather is bipolar. One day it can snow and we'll have 14" of snow on the ground, the next day it'll be 60 degrees and the snow melts in less than 12 hours. We can have an amazingly sunny and gorgeous day, but the second you step out ready to enjoy it, you realize a 60mph wind is blasting the city.

Many complaints... I know. Truth is, Colorado weather is amazing. Most days are sunny, mild and no wind.

This year though, it's been crazier than other years. and it's been such a challenge to figure out when is a good day to head out for a bike ride. Today, it's a nice 55 degree day but as we get blasted with 87mph winds, I don't even wanna walk outside. Tomorrow, I'll probably skip the ride outside with the snow that's forcasted. But Saturday... seems like the perfect day for a long ride outside. That is, if the wind decides to stay away.

But then again, who knows... it may be a whole different forecast by Friday!

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