Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wall

It's well known among runners that when you run long you may come across "the wall".

A few see it 1 or 2 miles before the finish line and some others earlier. It depends on training, nutrition or simply mental preparation. Some others just don't see it.

I've seen the wall several times in past races, but sometimes you hit a different type of wall... Although that doesn't mean you can't keep going. You just have to find a way around it.

Last year, during my first Ironman training experience I hit the wall early on (3 weeks in) when I couldn't really figure out if I was coming or going... The early wake up times were killing me, I was starving all the time and couldn't figure out what my body wanted. I was also tired... very... all the time. I called Coach. Asked for help... Figured out a way to go around the wall. Kept going.

This time around I doubled the time... 6 weeks. That was yesterday. My training isn't frustrating, my body isn't tired, my nutrition has been great. I do believe I hit an emotional wall. I found myself frustrated at my living situation, not having all my stuff with me, not finding my things... It all started when I couldn't find my watch to go swim. Then realized my Garmin was not there either. Got all my stuff that was scattered all over the man-friend's place and left. Went home (after swimming of course!).

I missed my home, my space, my stuff. While being in Boulder is a commodity, I love my home. I don't mind the commute to work (as I write this while on the bus). I lived out of a suitcase for almost 3 weeks and I hate that.

Anyways... Maybe not a big deal for some, but believe me, when you put your body through intense training, little things can mean the world. All I can say is: It's good to be home!

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