Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On the road to recovery

This is one of my last Ironman-themed posts, I promise.  Although, note the "one of the last"... doesn't mean this IS the last (I'm covering my a$$, hehe).  Anyway, I wanted to talk about the days following an Ironman event.

This is the time when you get to listen to your body and do what it commands.  Mine suggested I get a BIG breakfast following my race day.  I went to iHop and enjoyed eggs Benedict with hash browns and bacon.  Also, it asked for a long recovery week... So we had planned on coming down to Donnelly, ID for a relaxing week at the man's cabin.  My body didn't like the drive though. As much as I tried to be comfortable, my ankles swelled up to 3 times it's size.

Swollen ankles... ESPECIALLY the left one! 

Once at the cabin, I ran to the lake to "ice" my legs in the freezing cold water.  It felt so nice and we spent quite a bit of time there while playing with Levi.

Levi and I enjoying the cool water

Two days after my big races seem to be the most painful ones... So I called for a massage in Boise and it's been one of the most amazing feelings in the world.  I wish I had gotten a 2 hour session.  The massage therapist combined the technique of a deep tissue massage (without going deep at all), with some stretching and a little bit of hot stone therapy.  I walked out (note I am not using the word LIMP) feeling a million times better, although my ankles were still quite swollen.

Today has been a million times better.  I don't feel sore at all and was able to move around a little more.  I enjoyed a nap in the afternoon while the sun was hitting me in the face.  Felt amazing.  My man woke me up saying I was like a turtle.  We then went out to the deck to have some beer and peanuts when we decided to bring out the canoe and go paddle for a while.

Happy family on our boat!  :) 

And definitely couldn't leave the beer behind...

Life is good. 

I wish I was always in recovery mode... Cause life is pretty peaceful and relaxing.  I would move here in a heartbeat.

Cascade Lake, June 2012. (While canoeing)

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