Sunday, June 10, 2012


Seriously... Does anyone here like doing laundry? If so, please let me know. Not that I hate doing it, it's just that it's too much.

You see, my obsessive-compulsive self likes her clothes nicely folded, arranged by type of shirt, or even socks. No, I don't have all my socks together. I have them separated by everyday use, running socks, cycling socks, dressy socks... Etc. same with t-shirts, same with shorts. Like I said: obsessive-compulsive.

Anyway, when you train for Ironman (yes, my life is all about Ironman nowadays), you use 2 to 3 different outfits every day. And being the freak I am, I don't even like using the same socks for different things. First, I go to work, so work clothes, then I go for a bike ride, so cycling gear (including cycling socks), then a quick run, so AT LEAST a different t-shirt (I can pull off my tri-shorts for the run) and yes, you guessed it, running socks. Let's say I shower and go out for a quick bite... That's yet another outfit. And that's only one day.

So, just think about the massive mountain of dirty (and oh so stinky) clothes that I have to deal with by the end of the week. Which does not only mean throwing it in the washer, I also need to fold them nicely and arrange them in the way I like. I guess I was lying on all my previous posts when I said I only work, eat, train and sleep. You can also add do laundry to the list. This is what I TRULY do in my spare time.


  1. I LOVE doing laundry! But, I know what you mean about it getting to be a is a shocker - my overwhelming thing that I wash more of than anything else is.....wait for it.....TOWELS! :o)

  2. Yes so much laundry! I'm on my third active wear outfit for today, ha.

    Saturday evening - I too drank sooooo many glasses of water after the ride. I just couldn't quench my thirst! And I was definitely craving salt...made my roomie pick me up some Salt and Vinegar chips.