Monday, September 30, 2013

26- I'm sick

I am sick. As much as I tried to fight it, I now realize two things: 
1. I am not under the weather, I'm sick. 
2. I was not under the weather before, I was sick. And running yesterday probably made it worse. 

So I've spent all day today struggling to move around because I'm as sore as one can get, drinking tea and doing what sick people do: rest. 

I'd like to talk about running, but I'm sort of waiting to get the official race pictures to write my race report. So, since I'm still beating myself up for not doing as well as I wanted (by a whole hour), I decided to plan my 2014 race schedule and hoping I can find a good 50k in the fall to redeem myself. 

While I haven't found a good race to run in the next couple of months, I did come up with a rough draft of what my race schedule would look like in 2014. If any of you readers out there have any suggestions, please do share. 

Jan - March: Potentially run some easy fun runs. Nothing too hard, just fun stuff to stay entertained. 
April - Desert R.A.T.S. Marathon on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday
May - Still debating between Collegiate Peaks 25 miler or Greenland 50K
June - Dirty 30 maybe? Definitely Leadville Marathon (I intend to work my way up to running long distance at elevation). 
July - Haven't found anything that I'm dying to do. And July is extremely hot. 
August - Transrockies
September - Run Rabbit Run, 50-miler (Courtney wants me to do this... I think I can)
Oct - Dec: Sort of the same as the first 3 months of the year, although running the North Face Endurance Challenge in SF would be fun. I'd run 31 miles on the same weekend I turn 31, so that'd be fun. 

Note that the general idea is to run races in Colorado. I sometimes forget all the places there are around here to run and all the amazing events we have that I tend to look into running bigger events out-of-state, but I'd like to stay home as much as possible (except for SF in December, but that'd be my bday gift from me, to me). 

Anyway, I'm out of tea so I should probably go make some more. Race report to come soon! 

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