Thursday, September 26, 2013

30- Ramblings on Life

First of all let me apologize for being so absent lately... a lot has been going on. So let me get to it, but I promise I'll keep it brief.

Today is September 26 and our wedding is October 26 so T-minus 30 days (hence the number 30 on the title). Yeeepee!!! I will write every day as I count down so I don't get overly annoying on Facebook. I need to vent in public and this is my space, so I do as I please.

Last weekend was my bachelorette party and Lindsay got me EVERYTHING I wanted: some girl time, cupcakes, rice krispy treats, a bachelorette sash and a veil (ok, and a few other things I will not share with you, only with my man in the coming weeks, hehe). Thanks friend, you are the best!!

Pretty ladies before opening gifts and going out! 
The week before last, it rained the most ever in Boulder. And when I say ever, I mean EVER. In 5 days we had the same amount of rain we usually get in a year. That's a whole lot of rain... The Monday after the relay I was trashed, but returned the rental car and walked the 2 miles home. Little did I know, that'd be the last time I walked on the bike path...

On Tuesday I got up, went to Denver, had my wedding dress fitting and went  to buy my wedding band... it was gloomy and it was somewhat drizzling. Later that night it rained harder and on Wednesday it rained all day. Sometimes we had heavy rain, sometimes not so heavy. Thursday the same. Friday the same. On Saturday it was gloomy all day and it only rained in the afternoon, but Sunday we had some heavy rain again. I really don't know what to do with rain.

Unfortunately, once it was all done, we realized that most of Boulder County took a hard hit. All the roads up the canyons are destroyed and the bike paths are all under water. Lots of homes were flooded and a lot of people completely lost them.

What used to be a bike path with no creek is now a river
As Boulder recovers a lot of local races cancelled due to several reasons that have to do with the flood, but people are trying to move past this and would like to have most regular activities go back to normal. Lucky for me, my 50k coming up this weekend is still on with some changes to the course. The Bear Chase people put on some amazing races so while I'm disappointed I won't be able to compare last year's race with this year's race, I still think it will be awesome. It's just SLIGHTLY different.  But more about that tomorrow.

New course for the 100k, 50 mile, 50k, half marathon and 10k races
Today, I've fighting off a cold and messing with all home remedies available and I hope I get over it fast... I got a race to run on Saturday and lots of work on Friday and Sunday.

On a last note, if you'd like to make a donation to the CO floods, there are several places you could do so. But if you click here you can get a pretty cool t-shirt out of it. I'm getting the long sleeve one for pre-race warm ups. :)

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