Monday, September 30, 2013

27- Race day

(I wrote this yesterday, but posting today)

Today was race day and against everything I had hoped for I woke up still with that damn cold. Colds are weird, they don't really get you THAT sick that you have to stay in bed, but they get you sick enough that any movement makes you tired.

So here's some highlights of the day but wait for a full race report to come (maybe later today, maybe tomorrow):
- Running with a cold sucks
- Running 31 miles while battling a cold is STUPID (with capital letters)
- Bear Chase is an amazing race with amazing volunteers
- I have the best partners in crime when it comes to running ridiculous amounts of miles.

- My partners in crime kick some serious ass
- I did my nails two nights before and I managed  to race and keep them "unchipped" (unrelated, but somehow I always chip my nails when I run?!?).

Post-race nails. Perfect!
- I FINALLY got to meet Mr. CO-Runner whose blog I stalk on a daily basis.I get some good trail run ideas from there.
- I tested my mind to new limits and realized that it's important to have some people (runners) to look up to and inspire you every step of the way.
- I came home to realize my puppy-dog can hold it for 14hrs. Good boy, that was torture for sure, but with an early morning start and my hubby-to-be out of town, he just had to make some sacrifices of his own  to show his support. (I gave him some real love after though).

Puppy love
- I don't look good after running 31 miles in the sun, with a cold.

Red eyes, sun burnt and sick. Good times. 
Now, expect to see a race report soon! and FYI- officially under 4 weeks til our wedding day. Yeeepeee


  1. Take your time on the race report. It will make me feel better since mine is 7 weeks overdue and of course you had to remind of that on Sunday. It was very inspiring to see you take off for lap #3 when it was clear you weren't feeling the trail running love at that point.

    1. Oh god... i could tell i didn't look good since EVERY SINGLE volunteer asked if I was ok on that last lap. It was SO painful. And I wonder today if I would've been able to run 50 miles... yeah, probably not. :)
      Thanks so much for being out there... in my delirious state of mind, I needed someone to give a hard time to and you happened to be there... So I just reminded you of your race report, haha. Sorry about that. :) I'll be nicer next time, I promise.