Tuesday, October 1, 2013

25- Road to improvement...

I do have a cold still, but it is getting better. I am sore still, but that's also getting better. Did I mention I have swollen ankles and those are not quite getting better?  Maybe I should ice and elevate them, but I don't seem to find an activity that allows me to lay on the floor for extended periods of time with my legs up on the couch. 

I would like to talk about running, but I haven't been running much... mostly because of what I just mentioned above.  I will be running a couple miles tomorrow to see how the legs feel and start up the "winter conditioning". I'm also researching races to do this fall, but haven't found any just yet... at least not any that would only require a short drive. I am working at the Durango Double on Oct 12 and 13 and I'm somewhat bummed cause I'd never heard of the races, and they seem AWESOME. But sometimes it's ok to just make some money. Chuck is taking the opportunity to run the trail 25k so if you find yourself bored, make sure you stalk him on RaceRite.com  I will redeem myself after that "sick" 50k and worst comes to worst, I can always go back to Bear Creek State Park and run the loop... 3 times. And time myself.  Am I being a nut-job?  Most likely. I do not care, I needed that race to be a good one. 

I am still waiting to see the pictures for Bear Chase to share with you all. Unfortunately, I'm sure they're gonna show my true pain and my sick self, but I'll be able to entertain you for a bit. In the meantime, I'll leave another embarrassing running pic. 

Totally and completely unaware

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