Tuesday, October 8, 2013

18- I've been busy

I've forgotten about my blog for five days straight. That's good, I guess.  Means I've been busy! 

This past week I've been slowly getting better and trying to log some miles. I haven't really gotten too far with that, but I have some miles under my belt this month. I'll try to log some more... I've also been working some. While my new "real" job isn't crazy amazing, it's quite flexible and it pays the bills, so I may hang on to that. My side job though... yeah, that one's awesome!

I worked the Oktoberfest tri last Saturday and it was cold. I was actually in awe that people jumped in the 58 degree water while it was 34 degrees outside. While it must've felt warmer to be in the water, that's still SUPER COLD WATER and I don't even want to imagine how cold it must've felt to come out to the warmth of 34 degrees after swimming... brrrr.  

It was a lot of work, as usual. But fun, as usual. And this time, I got to see a bunch of friend race and close out an amazing triathlon season. 

This weekend, we're headed to Durango. We're timing the Duango Double. It's a 25k and 50k trail race on Saturday and a road half marathon and marathon on Sunday. I'm somewhat bummed I have to work this event since running 50k to redeem myself sounds a million times better, but my soon-to-be-hubby will be giving the 25k a shot and maybe I'll come back next year to tackle that. Besides, I've never been to Durango and what better way to go than going for free and to get paid. 

In the meantime today, I'll bore you with wedding stuff as I head out to my last dress fitting and to drop off my engagement ring and Chuck's cuff links to get polished so they look nice and shiny during our wedding day... in 18 days. 

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