Sunday, November 3, 2013

I got married!!

It's been a while since I've posted ANYTHING on my blog and I still owe a race report for Bear Chase. I'm ashamed. But I'll get to it.

20 days before my wedding day, things got CRAZY. I was so busy planning airport shuttles, changing music, discussing pictures with photographer, picking flowers, figuring out ceremony stuff and many other random things, that writing on my blog got pushed to very bottom of my priority list.

I traveled to Mexico on a Sunday, a week before the wedding. I visited family, visited the caterer, the DJ, the photographer, the florist and met, for the first time, my wedding planner. On Wednesday, my now husband, arrived in Mexico City. We had dinner with my cousins and I basically drove him all around the City.

On Thursday we drove to beautiful Cuernavaca, where we'd be having our wedding. All our friends from the US slowly arrived throughout the day. It was great to finally let things flow. We ALL had dinner at a popular restaurant and went to bed early.

Friday was pampering day with my ladies. Lindsay, Theresa and I went to the spa/nail place to get our nails done. In addition they gave me a massage and an exfoliating/hydrating treatment in my face. Life was good.

Nails done!
Later that night, we had the Welcome Dinner at the hotel. The venue was gorgeous (by the hotel pool) and we had double the people we had expected (roughly 80!). It's like we had 2 wedding receptions. Pictures to come... My brother, who I gave my camera to, didn't take a single one. I have to wait for the professional photos now.

Saturday is now a blur. Woke up early and headed to the venue with the ladies. We all got ready together and the ceremony started a few minutes after 2:00pm. While I don't remember all the little details (and I only drank water), I do remember smiling THE WHOLE TIME. I was so happy. I danced all night long and enjoyed everyone's company. I do sorta wish we could've spent more quality time with the friends that traveled and family, but seems like that's an impossible task when 250 people are there to see you. They all want to say hi.

On Sunday, I was sore. Too much dancing. That only means one thing- this bride, had a hell of a time! Thanks to all my friends and family who were there on such an important day to us.

Happy bride and groom
From now on, you can call me Mrs. McCash. WE DID IT!!

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