Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Running partners

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's easier to get your workout in if you have someone to keep you accountable. And I'm not only talking about running.

We all have days when we struggle. If you are just one more normal human being, you probably know that sometimes just thinking about your workout makes you want to glue yourself to the couch and continue to watch a marathon of whatever TV series you're into.

All my running partners seem to be in between seasons, or out of state or just kick starting their training. So I'm hoping I can have some company soon. While I've gotten some good runs in this year so far, I'm definitely struggling to put my shoes on and get out at a decent time.

Regardless, I thought this would be a good time to formally introduce all my running partners:

1. T-Money - Not sure how this nickname came to be, but since the day I met her, people called her T$. She ran my first marathon with me. And by that I mean she stuck next to me every single step of the way. We ran the same marathon for my second... we each ran at our own pace but it was wonderful to have her there.  I cheated and became a Marathon Maniac before her by a week with the San Antonio Marathon. She did Seattle. She then moved away, so I lost my training partner and then without asking for permission, she decided to have a mini-T$. It's ok. Now my training partner comes with a sweet face (her baby's). She now lives in Oregon so we don't run together often. But we will run A LOT together this summer as she is my TransRockies partner.

My first marathon ever with T$
And the new training partner that now comes with her... Isn't she ADORABLE?
2. Courtney - She comes in #2 although the numbers don't mean much. We don't train together often either since she lives in Denver and works like crazy. She though, makes me believe in myself. She makes me sign up for all these crazy races and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having her around on race day. She sees NOTHING negative in any run and constantly reassures you how awesome you are, even when you're the average runner. She usually places Top 10 overall in all races she runs, but she won't care placing dead last if you ask her to keep you company.

Start of Mt. Hood 50
3. Lindsay - Linds is my swimmer runner friend. She ran her first race last year and somehow (I wonder how) got hooked. She's awesome. She strives to be a better runner every day and while she thinks she isn't the most awesome runner out there, I believe she is. She is the most disciplined athlete I know so it's good for me to hang out with her. Up until now, her longest event has been the half marathon so her training runs are sometimes not as long as mine; but it's refreshing. I tend to underestimate the power of my shorter workouts, and Linds helps stay on top of my training by making me go on those 45-60 minute runs on weekdays. She's about to start training for a full marathon and I'm happy to do the same for her with the long runs.

Linds the day she PR'ed her 5k. It was a day she didn't want to run cause they had cancelled the swim. I made her, she was happy!  :) 
4. Laurie - Surprisingly we haven't run much together, but we've gotten some runs in. What I like about Laurie is that she will text me out of the blue and ask if we can go run. Especially on days that neither she or I would want to get out. We keep each other on our feet, literally.

Laurie and I on the summit of Sanitas. Cold day and non-motivated runners getting it done. It was a great day! 
5. Sam - Sam's crazy like me. She signs up for plenty of races, like me. And some days, when I have no one to come up to crazy trails with me, she is game. Our runs are sometimes recreational as in we hike a bunch when it gets tough or sometimes we just jump in alpine lakes. But mainly, we get out and log many hours on our feet.

Sam and I on Missouri Lakes hike/run. Amazing place. 
I, of course, couldn't do ANY of it without the support of my family: my husband and pup. They are my most important partners... while most long runs I take care of with friends. These two always come along to celebrate at the races or just pick to go on a random trail adventure with me.

Trail running with my family. 
Who are your favorite running partners? 


  1. Awwww, thanks! I know that I won't be able to get through this full marathon without you! XOXOX

  2. Yay! I'm happy I made the list...get ready for our run on Friday!