Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 (items to improve on) of 2013

Tomorrow is the very last day of 2013, so I figured I should end the year on a happy note. But before I do that, I feel it's important to reflect on my biggest challenges of 2013.

I don't talk about my failures often but it's sometimes important to go back and see what I can do differently to succeed next time I try. There's a few things I just didn't feel like I did right and writing about them, makes me feel like I should improve on.

Some things are out of control, for example, I got sick over and over again in 2013. I'm sure a couple of the items listed below have to do with it, but seriously... hard to control pneumonia! And well, planning a wedding. Yeah, that took way too much time. Regardless here's the Top 5 things I think I could improve on:

1. I skipped way too many training sessions. It's easy to skip them on any given day. "I'm too busy; I feel tired; It's too cold out; Happy hour with friends sounds SO MUCH better". I often felt guilty the day after and tried to make up for it. I've learned that just like sleep, you can never really make up for it. If you make up for the miles, you can't make up for the recovery and eventually burn out.

2. I didn't take care of my diet. Like I mentioned in my previous post, my daily diet is far from great. I'm silly, but sometimes I'll take the "queezy tummy" if I satisfy my craving. I've had some nasty GI issues during runs due to this. Ask Lindsay. She's experienced it first hand.

3. Sleep. I sleep lots. But sometimes I decide to watch Netflix for hours on end instead of turning off the damn thing and sleep. Consequently, I sleep 3-4hrs/night. It's not always, but I do it more often that I'd like to.

4. I signed up for too many races. 21 races in 2013 to be exact. I can't stop. But sometimes I'm too tired and should probably just sleep in and run after a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast. Does anyone know about a support group.  I need to stop.

5. I ran on the treadmill way too much. When I'm lazy, I just let the day go by and run at night. On the treadmill. I get a "free" treadmill at the Community Center of the condo's we live at. We move to a single family house in 3 weeks. I'm so spoiled knowing I can run whenever I want, I will struggle. But heck! I live in Colorado, running outside during the day shouldn't be too hard, right. Like I said, I'm just lazy.

What were your biggest challenges/failures this past year?

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