Monday, January 28, 2013

Sundance Film Festival - Everything but movies!

The weekend of January 16th through 21st we left town to head up to Park City, Utah.  It was my first time up there and I was excited to see friends, check out some movies, go to some parties, ski and overall rest.  That didn't quite happen as planned: I saw friends, made new ones, we didn't see any movies, we partied HARD, I didn't ski and I definitely did not rest.

There are so many stories to tell that it's hard to just write about it in one blog post. Also, I don't intent to write 10 different parts to a story.  Most likely will only write today and then forget to come back tomorrow and write more.  So I'll try to summarize.

Wednesday January 16th: 
I woke up early, packed, headed to the hospital, got a CT scan done, went to work, worked, left the office early and drove up to Park City with my man.  Half way, I got a call saying I had pleurisy (google it or click on the link).  Great news!  They figured out what I've had.  Bad news: I have to be on antibiotics, forget about drinking.  Ugh.  We arrived around 9pm, got changed and headed out to Prime Steakhouse to meet with the rest of our friends.  Got back home around 11pm and chatted the night away until 3am.

Yeah, Wednesday was the day I drank this.  YUCK. 
Thursday January 17th: 
I woke up and worked for a while in the morning.  Later, we decided to go for a walk on Main St. We settled at a bar called "No Name". It was awesome.  We went back home, sat in the hot tub for a while and got changed and dressed up to go out.  We went out to a bar called Spur, it was fun.  But the main event was a club called Downstairs.  We got there around 9:30pm.  It was Lil'John's birthday party.  Fun times.  We had bottle service and there was lots of dancing (not so much drinking for me).

PLEASE, Give me an excuse to take pictures!!
Oh yeah, our waitress was hot.  I had a crush on her.  I went home at 1:00am feeling a little uncomfortable.  My lung was hurting. Eeek!

Friday January 18th: 
Woke up and Chuck and I made breakfast.  Everyone was going skiing.  Me? I don't think so.  We drove to Deer Valley to Tom's (Chuck's friend) friend's house.  The house was awesome and Dana (Tom's friend) even more awesome.  Everyone went skiing and I hung out at the lodge.  I had tea.

This with a bagel with cream cheese and lox cost me $23 in fancy Deer Valley. 
I worked while at the lodge and eventually met with the rest of the group.  We all had lunch together and Dana suggested I go get a manicure.  I did.

And it cost me $50. OUCH
Later we went home and again got dressed and ready to go out.  Chuck and I had dinner at home, the rest of the group went out.  We then went to a OneRepublic concert.  I must say, this may be the highlight of the trip. It was amazing.

OneRepublic at Park City
Great looking group (and I swear I was the most sober one!)
We left the bar at 1:30 thinking that was it for us that night, but little did the group know that my man and I can team up to bring happiness to the world.  The man stopped a group of three good looking gals and invited them to a party (I guess we were throwing a party).  They seemed hesitant.  I hugged them, walked with them and had a girl talk.  They joined and came back home with us.  The three single guys in our group were thankful and we partied until 5am.  Whew...

Saturday January 19th: 
Woke up and I worked for a bit (shocker).  Again, we cruised Main St. and attended an event called the Fender Lounge.  It was a Lounge set up by Fender with live performers all day, so lots of music, free drinks (not for me, of course) and free food.  Some of us had a blast with our VIP passes.

Very Important People here... 
That night was a mellow one and we went to Dana's to enjoy an amazing dinner cooked by Chris.  He prepared a 5 course meal for 16 people.  It was amazing to share the table with such amazing people and share some life stories.

Chris hard at work
Sunday January 20th: 
Woke up and had some hummus for breakfast. We were running out of food.  We again cruised around Main St., this time looking for some shoes.  We explored the Fender Lounge once more (just in case we missed anything), and then went back to shopping.  We then met the rest of our group at the No Name bar to watch some Football.  We obviously had to remember we were hanging with some San Francisco peeps. The Niners won.  Tom, Chuck and I had a dinner to attend to.  Turns out, Tom had gotten Chuck and I to go to this very fancy catered dinner at Dana's. This is why I needed fancy shoes.  It was again, AMAZING. We went back home and chatted with friends. We went to bed close to 1am.  That was the end of the night for me, but turns out some people showed up to party hard.  This upset some of the people in the house, especially since this "party" went on til 6am.  I personally didn't hear a thing (that's what Perocet will do to you).

Monday January 21st: 
Kick some whores out the house. My favorite part!!  I did not like these girls (there were only two, but still).  I saw them do the walk of shame and it was glorious.  The rest of the day was boring... we drove back home.  Arrived at home around 6pm, had some dinner and went to bed.  Life was good and it was time to actually rest.

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