Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Making decisions sucks!

Today I realized that realistically I can't make the Alaska trip we've been planning for the past few months.

Unfortunately I realized this as I was about to buy a plane ticket.

It's so easy sometimes to just deal with "grown up" stuff later, but in reality, it was hard for me to justify spending $600 on a plane ticket without thinking of the consequences. Those being work time off, visa renewal (which is due in 2013), expenses, etc.

It breaks my heart as I wanted nothing but go on this epic trip with my man. I gave up Ironman this year only to go on an adventurous trip with him. And just like that, I realize 2013 is not the year to do that. Honestly, Ironman would've been the same story since it also requires the same amount of time off of work and training and dedication and lots of money.

I'm just sad. I really really wish I could go.

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