Friday, November 30, 2012


Many many times I've been asked why I do what I do.  It's hard to explain, yet simple: "Cause I like it". Why I like it?  That I don't know.  I couldn't explain it, but this is who I am.

"No one told me who I was. No one told me I should do this. No one told me it would be easy. Someone said I am my dreams, that if I don't dream I am no longer alive. My steps follow my instinct and take me into the unknown.  I no longer see the obstacles behind me, but look forward to the ones ahead.  It's not about being the fastest, the strongest or the biggest... It's about being myself.  I am not just a runner, mountaineer or skier... or even athlete.  I am a person.  I don't know if I'll find it, but I'm going in search of happiness.  What am I looking for? To be alive." Summits of My Life

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