Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ski Day #3 - Togwotee Pass, WY

What a day. I woke up sick at almost 1am. My stomach decided it did not want to accept the burger I had eaten earlier that night in Lander, WY as we were driving from Boulder to Jackson. My man decided to drive down from the top of Togwotee Pass (where we were sleeping in the car) back to Dubois for us to get a hotel and yours truly could do her thing in the bathroom. It was not pretty. I will not elaborate.

Woke up today at almost 8 feeling a little better even though I didn't sleep much. I had a super light breakfast and we got out stuff and drove back up to Togwotee Pas.

Beacons are on, skins are on skis... Off we go. We attempted to go to this little mountain and do a few laps. First, the approach... Not too hard. We skinned up the mountain (not quite to the summit) and dug a pit... Tested snow. It all looked pretty good.

Testing, Testing... 1, 2, 3... 
We went down that slope and had some really good turns. It was a short run. We went back up. This time, to the summit.

Once on the ridge, I realized it wasn't quite the summit but that was the spot to ski from. We still decided to skin on the ridge an attempt a summit. We shortly discovered that it was a little too technical. We decided to stick to today's plan: ski. We skied all the way down (almost to the car!!). It was AMAZING powder.

We couldn't summit, but we stopped HERE to grab a snack and then ski. 
I realized that my ski skills have gone down the drain!! That's what happens when you don't ski for four years. Ugh. But I guess now that I'm doing it again, I'll get better in no time.

We decided to go back up to the ridge. That sounded like a lot of work for me, but I pulled through. I definitely slowed down on the way up but managed to get up there in just over 45 minutes from the bottom. Skins off, back down again.

This time around, I had some pretty sweet turns although when it's steep I tend to freak out a bit. Not sure why! I used to be so darn good at skiing. Oh well.

By now, it was almost 3pm. We had been on our feet for 6 hours either skinning or skiing. Those damn lift chairs do sound quite luxurious to me now. But all the work is definitely worth the views and the untouched powder.

After a great ski day, off to Jackson! 
For ski day #4 this season, we will be headed to Grand Targhee in the morning. This place has well over 60" of base (far from what any resort in Colorado can report) and amazing terrain with all their 75 runs open.

I plan on skiing hard all day. I will be skiing alone and have Chuck do whatever he wants. I have to start from scratch and start getting used to my skis again. By the end of the day, I'm sure I'll be skiing some powdery (yep, more snow expected tonight) black runs.

Happy skiing!!!

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