Friday, August 31, 2012

Trail running

We've established that I'm currently obsessed with running.  I wanna run to and from everywhere.  Surprisingly, I've logged just under 100 miles this month.  Yep, that's the longest I've logged in almost two years.  I used to log quite a bit two to three years back when I was not obsessed with triathlons, when I had to divide my time between swimming, biking and running.  But now, it's all about the running... with my pink shoes.

This long weekend, my man would like to go to Aspen... and hike, of course.  But I'm feeling so tired that I'd prefer not to.  Unfortunately for me, looks like I just do not have a choice.  Our peaks of choice are Castle Peak and Conundrum Peak both in the Elk Mountains and just a few steps away from each other.  The geeks from don't even recognize Conundrum as a 14er (even though its summit sits above 14,000 ft) mostly because it's too close and you don't lose enough elevation coming off the one peak before you head back up the second (which should be 300 ft).  Me?  I'm a believer that those two are indeed two separate peaks therefore I'll count them as two.

In addition, the man also wants to climb Pyramid Peak, which is a mostly class IV climb.  Too hard for me.  Well, actually, I've done class IV climbs before, but I think I'm mentally exhausted these days and do not want to deal with it so I'm sticking to class III climbs as my hard ones, but mostly, I want to run, so gotta do class I - class II max.  Pyramid is not a mountain that you can run. So I've said we are not doing that one, but instead, I found access to amazing trails where I can run long in Aspen.

Hunter Creek trail would provide a 4.8 mile run out-and-back, but according to the review I found, you can connect to one of many trails from here for longer options.  I'm aiming for at least a couple of hours... and I'm excited.  So me and my not-so-new-anymore pink shoes, will head out for a fun Sunday run (or Monday?  or both?)

"The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life." - George Sheehan

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