Friday, September 14, 2012

Labor Day in Aspen/Snowmass

FINALLY we had a long weekend again.  I felt as is 4th of July had been a LONG time ago and I was feeling like I needed another day off.

This time we were thinking of taking it slightly easier than previous weekends.  My man obviously had in mind a hard hike before we could relax so we drove up to the Aspen/Snowmass area on Friday after work, we drove as close as possible to the trailhead, parked and slept in the car.

I'm gonna say: Chuck's new car is quite luxurious.  The back seats come completely down so it becomes a HUGE flat bed.  Chuck, Levi and I fit perfectly well... or so I thought.  It seems like it may be a little too short for Chuck and Levi shows signs of claustrophobia, haha.  I slept amazingly well... as always.

I did wake up with a massive headache, migraine-like and was feeling slightly nauseous (I think it was because of the migraine) and we started hiking regardless.  Once at the top trailhead, I followed the guys to the non-standard route which proved to be challenging for me that day.  I know I've done harder stuff, but I was tired and had that bad headache, I didn't feel like challenging myself that much and was in tears. At the saddle, when we met the trail (yes, there was a trail), Chuck thought I should go back.  I cried again, but went down.  I was so sad I wasn't able to summit those mountains, but may have been the best.  In the end, I am not that mountain girl that wants to summit ALL mountains in the world.

Took a nap in the car while waiting for the guys.  We drove to Snowmass to get some food and change and then we went to the Aspen/Snowmass JazzFest.  It was a blast, lots of good live music, we drank lots of free wine (we smuggled it in our pack) and even took a nap on the lawn in between bands.  Life was good again.

I often get stuck in a fast paced life that I appreciate and love, but it's also nice to slow down. That night we found a spot to park the car and sleep in there again.  The next morning we had some delicious breakfast and went to a coffee shop to brainstorm about our day activities.  I was feeling so much better so we decided to go for a run up Aspen Mountain.

Aspen Mountain is quite steep, so we learned that over 5 miles of run/hike up the mountain we'd be gaining 3200ft. of elevation.  It was a brutal climb, but it was gorgeous. The views, as usual, didn't disappoint and once at the top they were breathtaking. There was some live music at the top which we enjoyed with some beer (and I with some Mike's Hard Lemonade).  We took some pictures and flew down the mountain on a single track that was set up for a mountain bike race that took place the previous weekend.  It was soft, steep single track, but SUPER fun.

In the end, we had run 10 miles with 3200ft of elevation gain in 2.5 hours.  Which was pretty good for me.  We drove out to Carbondale, had some pizza and drove back home.  Life is good. As always.

***Pictures to come***

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