Saturday, August 25, 2012

My name is Gaby and I'm a triathlete

No news there... I am indeed a triathlete and I accept I have an addiction.

The past few weeks have been incredibly fun. So much fun that I haven't had time to write on my blog. My bad. But I've been all over the place. We hiked/ran in the San Juans, I went solo on a hike that, although easy, had proved a challenge since I had attempted it 3 times before... This time, I summitted (more details to follow).

Why have these few weeks been "funner" (is this even a word?) than before? Well, for once, I'm not training for Ironman, which gives me SO MUCH extra time for stuff that normal people do. But in addition, I've been focusing in running. Lots. I had forgotten how awesome it was to JUST run. Equipment? Shoes... that is it. You and the road, you and the trail. One foot in front of the other, 15 minutes or 100.

But today, while at a bookstore, I picked up two magazines to browse as I drank sipped tea. Trail Runner and Triathlete. I've always been a Runner's World kinda person but my subscription ended in May of 2011 and never got around to renewing (was obviously too busy with my triathlon life). But lately, I have been toying around with the idea of getting Trail Runner.  In the end, I've been slowly moving on to "off-roading".  The magazine was awesome, it has pointers and some awesome stories as well as some pretty epic runs out there.  I'm in.  Got home to subscribe.  Can't wait to get my new issue.

Then I moved on to browse through Triathlete. First words out of my mouth: "Triathlons are awesome!"  Ok, guilty.  I'm addicted.  I can't help but smile everytime I see a picture of someone crossing the finish line of a triathlon, sprint or Ironman.  It's so much work and so much discipline that it makes it so so special.

So, long story short... while I'm enjoying my running days (which will be a few months for sure), I look forward to signing up for a couple half Ironman distance triathlons next year.  While full Ironman distance is awesome and will probably do it again, for now it's best if I stick to half Ironman, that way, I can also focus on my running and mostly, my trail running. I look forward to some epic 50 milers in the next year or two.

Happy running.

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