Friday, July 12, 2013

Mt. Hood 50 week - Day 5

It's almost 9:00pm- bedtime. My alarm is set to 4:00am. My hydration vest is full of water, packed and ready to go. My clothes are laid out in the bathroom. All I have to do is show up to the start line and do what I do best: run.

Today was a low-key day but full of stuff to do so I could stay distracted from the race. 

Woke up in Portland early in the morning and waited for Kevin and Courtney to meet us at our hotel to go to breakfast. After breakfast we cruises around town for a while and then hung out at Deschutes Brewery for a while. We then drove to Government Camp and also walked around town and went to Mt. Hood Brewery for more beer and dinner. The last activity of the day was to head up to Mt. Hood resort and see the mountain up close. It's majestic. 

We came back to the condo in Government Camp and I packed my nutrition and hydration and prepped my clothes. I'm ready to go. 

Am I nervous, you ask? Of course! But I think I'm ready... But mostly, I'm exhausted, so I'm ready to go to bed, rest and give it my all in the morning (and afternoon and evening). 

Last but not least, the weather is perfect here. Couldn't ask for better conditions. 

Have a good night... I'll see you in the morning. 

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