Thursday, June 6, 2013

There's a day for us runners...

Given that yesterday was National Running Day, I felt somewhat inspired to go run.  I had a good "recovery" run and ran into one of my neighbors who currently works for New Balance.  We talked tons about running and shoes and he gave me a brand new pair of New Balance shoes to try out.  I did some trail running hill workout today and they were pretty sweet.  You never know, they may actually replace the Nimbus.  Whoa... did I just say that??!?!?

Awesome new shoes!!
Anyway, right before going to bed, I was reading one of my many books that I'm currently reading and I'd like to share some with my readers (however many there are...).  A little backstory first though.  I met Krissy Moehl, an ultra running chick, a couple of weeks ago at Patagonia at the GRAND PREMIER of her movie about running around Mt. Kilimanjaro alongside other amazing ultra runners.  I became inspired and did a little research about her.  I have all my ultra running people that I'm in love with, but they're all dudes.  So it was great to FINALLY get to know a girl that does what I love the most (even if I'm not sponsored by Patagonia or win stuff).  She happened to write a chapter in this book, and I relate to it so much, maybe too much.  She basically asks herself: "Why run an ultra?" and while I'm posting what her answer is to that, it answers my question of why I run long distance trail races... It's a good answer and hope you enjoy it:

"Because you are looking for the next challenge? Because you have recently met someone who runs farther on their "training" runs than you would consider even racing and you saw that sparkle in their eyes when they spoke of the trails and the mountains?  

How often in life do we have the opportunity to inspire ourselves? Often we look outward, to other individuals and teams, to fill that need for inspiration, whether it be in our work, sport, or daily living. Pushing your physical limits, putting yourself to an unknown challenge is personally inspiring. 

It inspires you to get out of bed in the morning and train no matter the weather.  It inspires you to learn more about nutrition, training, and equipment to help you accomplish the task.  To make it to the starting line is personal inspiration and to pull off the feat is an accomplishment hard to match. You know the experiences you've gained through the process as well as the tough times you endured to make it happen. It is a very personal goal and one that will fulfill your soul.

The energy gained in having a goal, in training for that goal, and reaching that achievement not only grounds your daily life, but also adds meaning and purpose. It creates memories both personal and shared. It brings you into a community no matter where you travel, because runners like you exist all over the world." 


  1. those shoes are so cute! love the colors

  2. I love that quote! And the shoes are pretty too! Let me know what you think after a couple more runs because I'm in the market for new shoes since mine were destroyed last weekend. :-(