Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wedding Talk

I was about to apologize about the crazy wedding talk but then realized that I haven't really said a word about wedding planning on here which makes me realize my friends have probably gotten an earful.  Maybe I should start talking about it here more than to my friends so I don't bore them with the same conversations over and over.  But basically this is what's happened and this is how it's affected my life forever: 

- We got engaged and we set a date

- We celebrated for a week in Hawaii (life was good)

- Got back to reality: work, training for a 50-miler and planning a wedding.  I'd say this is one too many things. I plan on setting my priorities straight and I feel like the job should be dropped. Just saying
- We researched a million venues. We found a venue and STILL had opinionated people trying to recommend places. I was overwhelmed
- We researched caterers and we found one. This was easy
- My mom decided our wedding would be green. I said orange. It will be orange
- People constantly ask: "Do you have a dress yet?" I constantly reply: "No, not yet..."
- Time flies and we are busy this summer, but are we throwing an engagement party? Yes we are. So we did, with a week notice. It was lovely. 
- Wedding party? How many, when do we tell them. We made decisions and let them know. 
- Wedding website... it's constantly being updated. 
- Guest list... it's constantly being updated.  Sigh.  This is the most stressful item as we are up to 400 people 
- Save the dates: "Hopefully will go out by the end of this week" is what we said 3 weeks ago.  We have not sent them. Mostly because the guest list doesn't seem to be finalized. 
- My wedding planner: says I have completed 27 to-do's and I have 152 still outstanding. Most of which I'd rather not think about. 
- I've decided on bridesmaids dresses today. It's final, and they all seem to like them. Good... not like I care. It is MY wedding. (ok, I do care). 
- Hotels for guests: I have negotiated rates for 2 hotels, would like a couple more. 
- Welcome dinner: Yes, I'm planning that too. 
- Ceremony: I haven't thought of it.  I guess I'll have to get to that eventually
- Music and lights: no clue
- Flowers: no clue
- Photographer: In the works
- Bachelorette Party: My wonderful Maid of Honor is on it. 

- Registry: Haven't started it
- Honeymoon: no clue
- Our hotel room for our wedding night: In the works

...and the other 140 things I still gotta do will just have to wait until I have the patience to read that far down the list.  

How does this change me for life?  I've become a pinterest user and spend way too many hours "pinning" crap that most likely I won't use, do or buy. 

That is all for now. 

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  1. Delegate! Don't you have a fiance with some extra time on his hands....?? :)