Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dashing and Dining 2013

Yesterday was the last of the six 5k races of the Boulder Dash and Dine series.  I saved my race report from last week to go together with this one since nothing special happened last time.  Like for example, no, my man was not at the finish line waiting for me with yet another diamond ring.  

Anyway, last week seemed to be the one race that would have the best weather yet, and while it was nice temperature, the wind picked up before we could realize.  Christina (mu co-worker) and I went for a mile jog before start time to warm up as usual.  We could tell we'd have a head-wind on the way back to the finish. My pre-race thoughts were: Head out ALL OUT and take it easy on the way back since it'll be hard.  My actual race: Went out ALL OUT for a 7:40 min/mile for the first mile, slowed down for the second mile to an 8:05 until the turn around and then the massive wall hit me.  Damn wall of wind.  IT WAS HORRIBLE.  My second mile ended up being an 8:50 and my third was a slow 9:50 to finish in a crappy time of 27:37.  Worst 5k in the history of 5ks.  

Yesterday was a whole other story.  I got there early, it seemed to be really nice out and when I warmed up with Christina, it seemed like we had a head-wind on the way out but it felt nice and hot on the way back.  My strategy this time was to pace myself on the way out and then push it on the way back.  When the race started, I went all out, as usual.  My first mile was again under 8 minutes.  I kept the pace steady just over 8 for the second mile but noticed the turn around point was again a little farther than it should've been.  The second mile was long since they just can't seen to figure out exactly where the turn around point should be.  Once I started the third mile, I felt like I was going to die and slowed down, but once I caught my breathe I was able to pick it up again.  The last push is always the hardest. 

Gorgeous evening at Boulder Rez for a 5K
I ended up finishing in 25:50 which is my second fastest time ever for a 5k.  Surprisingly, exactly the same time as the first Dash and Dine when the course was slightly longer just like this time.  I still scored a 3rd place in my age group and in the end, I finished 6th place overall for the series.  I must say, I'm pretty happy with the results for a couple of reasons: 1) I never place Top 3 in races in Boulder, much less in "fast" events.  This year, I placed twice out of the 4 races.  2) NO WAY I can place Top 10 in a series of fast races in Boulder, so 6th is quite respectable... I'll take it.  3) I got engaged during this specific series, after my fastest 5K in the series and my fastest 5K yet. Glad to walk away with nothing but good memories.  

I got my 3rd place AG candle!
Now on to the next challenge: I'm thinking registering for the 5K's of the Stroke and Stride (I just wouldn't be stroking!)

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