Saturday, February 1, 2014


The diagnosis is partly good and partly bad. Let's start with the bad so I can end this post on a positive note. 

I am injured. And I'm still in pain. Lots of pain. Turns out my back muscle (a huge one, by the way) is "fired up", as the doctor would say. It took a second after she looked at my back for her to say: "whoa! It's puffy!" Not a good thing, I guess. Somehow, I managed to really sprain this muscle. I still firmly believe it was the shoveling last Monday. While my muscle strained (and contracted) it started pulling all the lil ligaments and other connectors to the tailbone. Which subsequently decided to pull on my pelvis. End result: a rotated pelvis. The worst of it all is that it will not stop hurting until the pelvis is back in place which could take a few weeks to fix. If you haven't dealt with this injury let me say this: it hurts to walk, it hurts to sit (more than stand), it hurts to stand and bed rest isn't best for recovery. Joy. 

Summary: hurts like a beyotch! 

There's good news though!! As I see it, the diagnosis is great. The pain was so bad I had imagined the worst so this seems fixable. All I need to do is some PT for a few weeks. Also, like I said before, bed rest is bad for recovery in this specific case... So at least I'm glad I get to move around (even if it hurts). That said, doctor said they want me back at running ASAP and I should be the judge of that- I do find it great that I get to decide when to run, not doctors. She said to let pain be my guide. If pain is gone, pelvis is back in place and I can run again. It is NOT a running injury... But it'd help to go back to my regular massages. Tight glutes and IT band do not help, but massages remedy this. The one PT session along with my prescribed exercises have been making it feel better. And who doesn't like to lay down a few times a day with a warm heated pad? Oh! And hot baths have been prescribed, too. 

Summary: I can run as soon as the pain allows me to and enjoying wine in a hot tub has been prescribed by the doctor. Yaayy! 

Have you had any injuries that turned out to be "better" than what you had originally expected?

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