Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"I have a dream..."

It was 50 years ago today, that Martin Luther King Jr. stood in front of more than a quarter million people (the largest gathering of protesters at that time) and delivered a 17-minute speech. As most of you know, the most famous passage of this speech was not in the original text, but someone prompted him to talk about "the dream". Currently known as the "I have a dream" speech, it has been regarded as one of the finest speeches in the history of American oratory. 

On a lighter note... I always think of this speech in a particular Friends episode where one of the characters says that they have an idea, but they don't want to talk about it, at which point Mr. Sarcasm-Chandler says something like: "What if MLK would've said: 'I have a dream... but I don't want to talk about it'". This always reminds me of my own hopes and dreams and I find it fitting to talk about those on a day like today. 

What are my dreams? It's hard sometimes to take a step back from our routine life and remind ourselves what are we working towards. What are our goals?  I had a dream once, and it was to live in Colorado, but once I moved here, did I have nothing else to work towards? Of course not! I kept achieving different things and shooting for bigger and better things.  Today, I have some goals in mind but sometimes I'm not sure those smaller goals qualify as dreams. But then again, I remind myself, that anything is possible if I try and that some of my "smaller" goals may be huge accomplishments to others. We (mostly me) shouldn't be hard on ourselves and understand that as little or big as certain accomplishments may feel, they change or inspire us or the people around us. 

Here are some of my goals and dreams for the future: 
- Marry the man of my dreams, he who will support all the items on this list. (This is almost taken care of; t-minus 2 months!). 
- Raise wonderful children who have the ability to dream big. 
- Travel the world and share experiences with my love
- Continue to try something new at least once in a while
- Cross the finish line of the Leadville 100 at least once in my life
- Successfully complete the TransRockies 6-day stage race
- Run a marathon (or longer distance race) in each state
- Finish at least one race above 14,000ft
... and a few others that may have to be revealed in the future. But most importantly... my biggest goal should be to never stop trying. 

Have you thought about your hopes and dreams? Goals and accomplishments? If you haven't, today's a good day to start thinking about it... 

Sweet dreams!

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  1. i LOVE your dreams!! when you find a race that is above 14,000 feet let me know. I might join you! :-)