Thursday, May 3, 2012

One third at 80%, Second third at 90%

April started strong after such a great Oceanside performance.  I felt confident.  Regardless, I had family in  town and I had endless dinner commitments.  One week later, I was exhausted... started thinking swim day was rest day, so I started skipping my swims. 

Apart from skipping my swims, my bike rides and runs were strong.  VERY strong.  It was good.  Started upping the mileage and man! I feel good.  I have been able to keep a very steady, yet fast speed even while on long rides. My nutrition is spotless and totally figured out.  

Now, starts the true test.  The last third of training.  Two months to go until Ironman and I have to give it my 100%.  I have to focus.  Unfortunately, I'm starting the month of May with a nasty Bronchitis, but once I got that figured out and got the drugs, I'm starting to feel better and ready for the next steps.  

In an attempt to stay motivated, I have joined Colorado Athletic Club so I can go swim and work out with my friends Jo and Leah.  So far, so good since I had almost given up on the swims but in the end, I did a couple with Jo at the awesome CAC saline water pool.  

Here are my stats for April: 

Weight: Lost 2lbs. more. KEEP GOING!  I still wanna get to the low 30's and I'm sort of stuck between 135 and 136.  
Swim: I skipped swims.  I swam a total of 4.6 km (2.85 miles). Darn. But at least better than last year.  
Bike: I rode 355 miles. Whoa! Bring on May, I've ridden more and more miles each month, I wonder what my max will be.  Two century rides are on the calendar for May! 
Run: I ran 51 miles. The least since the beginning of training.  Again, DARN!  I lost it this month, looks like. Gotta FOCUS. 

Goals for this month:
Weight: Continue a steady weight loss. CHECK. Eat healthy. 
Swim: SWIM DOES NOT MEAN REST! Stay focused. 
Bike: Complete my two century rides strong. Focus on nutrition and stick to a steady, yet comfortable pace. Mostly, keep up the good work. 
Run: Up the mileage. Focus on my run.  Seems like last year I lost it this time around.  Stop hiking, and goofying around. It's time to FOCUS. 

April's Accomplishments:
Platte River Half Marathon: Like I mentioned last month, this was a real test.  I felt strong and while I felt like I was under a lot of pressure, I pulled through and broke my own PR.  Race Report

May's Goals: Complete 2 Century Rides - BoCO Loco Ride and Santa Fe Century Ride.  RUN. Beat mileage for all disciplines from previous months.  

All in all the word that should describe the month of may is: FOCUS

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  1. yes, it sure is time to FOCUS! woo hoo! Glad you are part of CAC now!