Friday, April 6, 2012

Halfway Point

After a rough start to the month of March, it seems like I pulled through in the end. This month started with a trip to Jackson Hole (and I will probably post about this trip separately) on March 1st. That day, I managed to wake up a little earlier than usual and go for a swim. I was adamant about not skipping workouts. After a long drive to Jackson Hole and some stressful weeks at work, everything started going downhill from there.

I had a rough night, I didn't sleep well, which prevented me from going for a run early Friday. My ski day was miserable and I think it was part because I was tired, but part because I didn't get my morning endorphins. After a good night sleep, I had already planned on not working out on Saturday since we were gonna explore the backcountry which is an intense workout on it's own. I had a bad fall and hurt my knee and ankle, which again, prevented me from working out the day after (or skiing for that matter). We got back home and I was exhausted... only to get incredibly sick on Monday. Yep, fever and all.

It was not until later, way later, that week that I was able to get back to it. I was a little nervous about having skipped 7 days of workouts in a row and having to recover from a BAD cold. Regardless, I pulled through and completed a couple very successful bike rides including one 80 miler in which I focused on pacing myself and on my nutrition. It was spotless.

The month ended with my half Ironman in Oceanside on March 30. And well... I will let the numbers speak for themselves. Here are my stats for this month's training:

Weight: Lost an additional 2lbs. I can see my weight loss slowing down, but it's normal. Once I fell below 140, it's been slower, but I feel very healthy.
Swim: I swam 10.4km (6.5 miles). The most so far.
Bike: I rode 289 miles. Whoa! Maybe April I will hit 300.
Run: I ran 57 miles. 13 miles less than last month but yes, I skipped a couple runs due to sickness and exhaustion.

Goals for this month:
Weight: Continue a steady weight loss. CHECK
Swim: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE. Try not to skip workouts. CHECK
Bike: Do two 70 mile rides outside in preparation to Ironman Oceanside. CHECK (even did an 80)
Run: Keep up the good work. CHECK (mileage decreased but I was strong)

March's Race goals:
Boulder Spring Half: My goal was to break the course PR. Unfortunately, I didn't. I was close, but ended up walking the last mile. I forgot my water and I was literally dying at the end. I was well en route to beat it but didn't by 8 minutes (my last mile was an 18min/mile so there go my lost 8 minutes)
Oceanside: I beat my personal bests in all 3 legs: I swam in 45:19, rode in 3:09:58 and ran in 2:13:15. That's better than my 46:15 swim, 3:21:32 bike and 3:04:14 run.

Coming up in April:
I would like to keep up the weight loss (just a few more pounds), not give up on the swim... I can feel that I'm getting better. Bike longer (Coach says I should do a couple 100+) and get some strong longer runs.

Also, I have a race this month. The Platte River Half Marathon. This is the real test. This is the course that owns my PR of all times. I feel stronger and healthier. I want to beat it. The time to beat is: 2:03:57. Bring on the Spring.

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