Monday, May 2, 2016

Back to basics

I'm back. For real.

It's been 1.5yrs since I last sat down to type something about me, my fitness and my race goals. It felt weird, but somewhat liberating to not have anything to train for. I didn't sit around, though. I created a human being... from scratch. That, my friends, was hard work.

My tiny human is perfect, but I'm his mother, so I'm biased. My post-pregnancy body, however, is not. And I'm sort of ok with it. Because I look at tiny human, and he's perfect. And my life is better since he's been in it.

Long story short...

My pregnancy was far from perfect and my close friends know it. I struggled with the worst morning sickness, crazy water retention, kidney stones and a few other hiccups here and there. Motivation was close to negative 100 to get out and do anything. And then, he was born. Life as I knew it was gone. And reality hit. Getting my pre-pregnancy body back was not as easy as many people made it seem, but we're all different and I'm one of those who has to work WAY harder. Bring it... I can do this.

The first 6 weeks, I was limited to walking. I walked 60+ days in a row. Starting with less than a quarter mile and up to 3-4 miles/day. The first chunk of weight I needed to lose was gone. Then I was given the OK to run. So I ran. Starting with 3/4 of a mile and working my way up to 6 miles (without walking). My first race came and went, a trail 5K in Beaver Creek which was more of a hike, but hey, it was all about getting out there. The Racing Underground Winter Running Series was my goal #2. And it was all about finishing, that was it. I met my goal of running a 5K in under 10min/mile and felt accomplished.

Then it was January 1 and I was surprisingly not satisfied with my fitness, weight loss, and body. It was time to kick it in high gear. Serious diet, serious training. I managed to lose 12lbs in 6 weeks and completed my first post-pregnancy half marathon. It wasn't pretty, but it was a finish. That was step 1. My spring was somewhat busted with some family trips, lots of food, work and a few other excuses.

Today, May 2, I'm happy to announce that I have Coach Marco on my side and he'll be kicking my ass moving forward. I have several goals. Lose ALL the pregnancy weight, and finish my first serious trail race: The 2016 Continental Divide Trail Run. I'll be doing the 16mi to get me going, but hoping to add some fun challenges for later in the fall and one big one for 2017.

My biggest challenge will be to juggle mama work, training, real work and husband's travel, however, I'm feeling optimistic since I have hubby's and coach's full support. Stay tuned for updates.

And now, without further ado, here goes nothing... 

My lil peanut, 2 days old!